Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Horoscope for August 2018


The interesting thing about the new lunar month which begins in Leo (as is the case this month), is that the following month the new Moon will be in your sign. This is an opportunity for Virgos to prepare for a new cycle which lasts the year(13 new moons to be precise). So consider what it is that you would like to cast aside and that which you would like to embrace in preparation for this new year. Your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde until the 20th of the month and this signifies the need to dig deep and see what lies beneath, what drives you.

Your financial status looks good for this month, though constraints on your creativity might be challenging. By the end of the month, the full moon asks you to strike a balance between time you devote to others, and also to nurturing yourself.

Remember that six planets are retrograde this month so you may feel as though you are stuck in neutral. Go with the flow, it will soon be over.