Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Horoscope for August 2018


It can be safely said that it is the nature of Pisces to set high standards. Being intuitive, they can sometimes chase rainbows in the belief that they are on a quest, which is what makes them a little outside of the box. When challenged, they tend to retreat into their sanctuary where all is well, and dealing with life’s challenges can make them very irate.

So picture this month with six planets retrograde at some point and what you have here is a stressed-out Pisces. Go with the flow Pisces, this is what you are good at. Work conditions should have proved by the end of the month with Mercury resuming direct motion. That, and a full moon, which asks you to reset the balance between your needs and those of others, you should come away feeling that things are moving forward for you.

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