Libra (September 23 - October 22) Horoscope for October 2018


It is an interesting month for Libra, not only because it is your birthday month, but also because you are at the beginning of a new yearly cycle. Venus, your ruling planet, begins her retrograde motion this month for a period of 40 days, signifying a period where you consider what it is you truly want, and whether you are getting what you feel you deserve out of life. There are challenges being presented to you right now concerning how creative you feel you are being allowed to be because of work obligations, and also how others, with whom there are contractual relations, treat you.

The new and full moons offer up more information; this month’s focus is you, Libra. Dare to be you, whilst also honouring your social contracts. In truth, the answer to all this lies in deciding what you consider necessary to your well-being.

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