Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Horoscope for August 2018


Last month’s new moon (which was also a partial solar eclipse) made it necessary for Capricorns to lay down new ways of dealing with relationships, perhaps by demand. Nevertheless, with your ruling planet Saturn in your own sign, Capricorn, you would take a very practical and pragmatic approach to this. Issues to do with creativity clash with your sense of obligation and thanks to the Mars retrograde you will probably be dealing with this issue again this month.

Six planets retrograde at one point this month could may make you feel as though you’re stuck in neutral, however, you may be striking brownie points in your career too, thanks to Venus. By the end of the month, a full moon will have you focusing on all the little mundane details that you have been avoiding. Go on Capricorn. You are very organised, this is a walk in the park for you.