14 Feb 2015
All Day

Valentine’s Day | Jum San Valentinu, 2015

Ok, so it is hard to forget about Valentine’s Day on February 14th with all the doves, hearts and winged Cupids adorning shop windows, lingerie boutiques and hotel, restaurant and gift advertisements. However, for people with a busy schedule, it is a good idea to make note of it in advance whether you want to keep it free to spend some quality time with your sweetie or to plan other events around it – like birthday parties for Aries people.

Couples who want to set the mood for some classic romancing on the day, as the feast of Saint Valentine is still a working day, would do well to stock up on the staples in advance to avoid last minute rushing around – incense, wine, champagne, chocolate and fondue set, smouldering playlist, sexy boudoir wear, etc. And do book in advance for restaurant reservations and weekend breaks if you’re set on impressing your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife with a romantic dinner or lush hotel.

Those who will be apart from their crush or lover might want to make an early booking for flower bouquet or helium balloon delivery orders, especially if it is the ever popular red and blue roses you’re after – unless you want to consider tapping into the Saudi Arabian black market (it came about ‘out of necessity’ after red items were banned from shops as the feast is considered to be a Christian holiday). Also, start thinking up a romantic message to go along with them… A quick google search for Valentine card images will give you plenty of ideas for special one-liners and can serve as a good guide for those attempting to make a home-made card.

As for singles who are rolling their eyes and want to get away from it all why not check what your stars have in store for you in our monthly horoscopes here…