31 Oct 2013 - 31 Jan 2014
All Day
Hotel Juliani Lobby

Twisttease – Maltese Iconography with a twist

A start, a taste of Diane’s background, her roots, the spring board of her imagination… Caught in a whirlwind journey of our beautiful islands, digging her nails into the unique Maltese heritage.

Diane creates an image modernized and stretched, seeping out of the panel – each stroke reminiscent, an eclectic meeting of colourful patterns. At first glance the pieces are a pleasant coming-together of geometric shapes and then as one focuses – as though out of the mist – the elements appear and connections are made. Can you spot them all? Clever, I thought, art upon art. As Diane herself describes it, this is “an emptying of the soul”.

* * *

Diane is a bubbly 30 year old artist with a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Art & Design. She speaks about the pieces as though they have always been with her, lurking in the nooks and crannies of her being, waiting to be released.

Her medium is permanent ink and as she addresses the panel there are no plans, no premeditated sketches. Her muse guides her. The colours used reflect her personal style, an intricate extension of her positive outlook on life. For Diane this is just the start of a journey through art, as she continues to explore her creative mind for more artistic adventures.

Step inside, let yourself dream.

I saw but did not see
Your history or mine
A web, lines connecting
The then with the now
And I saw you smiling
When you remembered
That you belong
Miriam Calleja
(This exhibition is organized by SO Galerie)

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