03 Oct 2013
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
L’Ingliz Tea Room

Triq Cinemoon Festival 2013: Dying

Free outdoor film festival on a downhill street in Valletta. Triq Cinemoon Festival 2013 aims to bring the magic of the cinema to the street. We will show a movie every 15 days, on Thursdays, from June to September. The theme is bodily functions, the essential actions that make up our lives: Eating, drinking, dreaming, loving, working, travelling, killing, dying. Every date will be dedicated to one of these subjects

It will be you, the audience, who choose the actual movie that will be shown on each date, out of three that we will offer on a Facebook event.

Vote for the movie you want to see here, and the winner will be shown.
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