04 - 24 Apr 2013
7:00 pm
Christine X Art Gallery

Tiers of Truths… extended

“There is no truth. There is only perception.” (Gustave Flaubert) is where the title of the exhibition ‘Tiers of Truths’ by Rupert Cefai initiated.

‘Tiers of Truths – extended’ is a collection of artworks which include works first exhibited at the Framers Gallery in London in 2012 and other works on the same theme that were never exhibited before.The exhibition is taking place at Christine X (Artitude) Art gallery, in 17,Tigne street, Sliema between 4th and 24th April 2013.

Inspired by real life events; scenes the artist has witnessed and experienced. The subjects, the people and the backgrounds are all taken from everyday life in London, Valletta, Essen and elsewhere. These scenes, these moments in time, are also a reminder of someone else’s creation, art that has influenced the artist’s own reading of life.

For more information or RSVP for opening event on 4th April 2013 19:00, please contact Christine on 9984 4653 or 21316708 or christine@christinexart.com | Facebook event page

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