04 - 06 Sep 2014
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Msida Bastion Historic Garden,

The ninth Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival

The IXth Edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival which is organised by Inizjamed, will be held at the beginning of September in Floriana. Noria Adel (Algeria), Clare Azzopardi (Malta), Antoine Cassar (Malta), Marc Delouze (France), Abdulrazak Gurnah (UK), Walid Nabhan (Malta), Bel Olid (Catalonia, Spain), Marlene Saliba (Malta), Peter Semolič (Slovenia), Giacomo Sferlazzo (Lampedusa), and Anna Szabó (Hungary) will all be participating in this event.

Entrance to all events is free. Short poetry films from Reel Festivals and one directed by Kenneth Scicluna which is based on two poems by Doreen Micallef and sponsored by V18, will be shown during the festival.

The writers will be in Malta throughout the first week of September to take part in the LAF Malta Literary Translation Workshop. They will translate each other’s works into their own languages and will then read some of these translations during the three nights of the Festival. This year’s edition is celebrating the European Day of Languages.

Two exciting Maltese bands, Plato’s Dream Machine (Thursday) and Kantilena (Friday and Saturday) will play music from the albums they have just released, respectively Għera and Senduq.

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