08 Oct 2016
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Birgu Local Council


Award-winning local perfumer, artisan and candle maker Stephen Cordina will be presenting the art of candles through a dynamic exhibition at the Birgu Local Council on the 8th October for Birgu Fest.

Having held stores at past editions of this popular annual event, Mr Cordina has chosen to adopt a new approach to his presentation this year by showcasing elements of the process that go into making his unique hand-balm candles that transform into a fragrant moisturising oil as they burn.


Image credit: Stephen Cordina at Birgu by candlelight

“Birgu Fest and Birgu By Candlelight are fantastic events that bring artisans, artists and the public together in the beautiful surroundings of Birgu,” says Mr Cordina. “Seeing the town lit entirely by candlelight really is special, and the atmosphere is unparalleled. This year, I’m looking forward to providing details on how that effect is created, as well as the methods that go into creating each and every one of our candles.”

Aside from the exhibition, Mr Cordina will also be presenting his latest fragrance collection, Valletta, as well as the other products in his range.

For further information, please visit the Stephen Cordina Aroma & Therapy website.


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