13 - 15 Feb 2015
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Manoel Theatre

TFAJLA TAL-GHONELLA – New Contemporary Dance at the Manoel

Happiness, tension and love are some of the complex emotions experienced by the characters in MOVEO’s new contemporary dance production It-Tfajla tal-Għonnella.

A joint production between Teatru Manoel and MOVEO Dance Company this new dance show finds inspiration from Maltese traditional culture and aspects of the Baroque era. This work consists of a series of narratives that occur in four different scenarios – the market, the Baroque ball, the war and the Maltese wedding. In each scenario, one can become absorbed in abstract yet romantic relationships between different couples – among the fabrics in the market or within the distressing setting of a war. Although the narratives are diverse, the one constant factor that ties them all is the għonnella – a piece of fabric that was worn by Maltese women and which represents part of the Maltese traditional identity.


This production goes beyond a simple dance performance. It involved research on Maltese traditions during the Baroque era, used with an artistic licence, to inspire both the movement and the stories that intertwine within each setting, in order to link traditional aspects to a contemporary context.

It-Tfajla tal-Għonnella is choreographed by Dorian Mallia.

The dancers who perform in this are Diane Portelli, Christina Cauchi, Elena Zammit, Pamela Kerr, Cassandra Galea, Dorian Mallia, Tom Shale-Coates, Francesco Joseph Nicode.

Music adaptation by Albert Garzia.

It will be staged at the Teatru Manoel on 13, 14, 15 February at 8pm.

To book: www.teatrumanoel.com.mt, bookings@teatrumanoel.com.mt or 2124 6389


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