03 - 04 Sep 2013
12:00 pm
Teatru Salesjan

#teatru24 (Teatru Salesjan)

How often do you get to spend 24 hours in a 100 year old theatre in Sliema? That’s right! Not quite so often (even because there is no other building of the sort in the city).

A group of young people will spend a whole day at the Teatru Salesjan devising creative work pertinent to their own artistic discipline be it literature or painting and so on. They will be using the experience of working in this heritage site as inspiration, whilst living together with other people from different backgrounds. There is no goal planned to be reached, no result foreseen to be achieved. The encounter will guide this venture, which we hope will carry on throughout the coming years.

Subsequently, we would like you to promote this event by your own means. We would also like to invite you on the day; come and visit us, live with us for a few moments and share them with your readers/listeners.


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