20 - 24 Nov 2013
11:30 am - 7:00 pm
Phoenicia Hotel

Sync in Progress

Are you an explicit facebook stalker? Has your phone become an extension of your arm? Do you constantly Instagram pictures of food/coffee/kittens? Do you feel the urge to tweet all details of your every day life? Do you hate people that do all the above? Then this show is for you.. P.S. Don’t forget to like and share! ♥

Technology wouldn’t exist without the human being, but are we arriving at a point where human beings can’t exist without technology?
Redtape Dance Company have taken this concept of technology and its effects on our lifestyle and devised a new show for ZiguZajg 2013.
This project explores the positive and negative effects that technology have brought on to us. The interdisciplinary performance takes the form of a physical dance piece with spoken word and interactive projections, original music, digital animation and photography. It presents allegories that present visions of the future and play on the hopes and anxieties surrounding technology.

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