01 - 31 Jul 2013
All Day
Malta Maritime Museum

SWIM | Exhibition

Malta has but one neighbour: the sea. At a glance, it is at once a vastness beyond reach and a fierce border. Depending on the point of view, it can be a route of escape or a path to safety. What seems to be shared either way, is the illusion that beyond the sea, there always lies a better life.

SWIM, an exhibition curated by Austin Camilleri for the Malta Arts Festival, will explore issues of peripheral identities, geopolitics and territory. A reflective flux of ideas by prominent Maltese and international contemporary artists will be presented alongside works from both national and international collections.

Archaeological approaches dealing with presence, absence and a layering of playful vs tragic will be set against representational and poetic reflections.

The exhibiting artists are: –
Alicia Eggert + Mike Fleming
Pierre Portelli
Denis Pondruel
Ulrika Sparre
Pawl Carbonaro
Adrian Abela
Filippo Leonardi
Strijdom van der Merwe
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