09 - 25 Jun 2017
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
St James Cavalier


Little Red Riding Hood kicks off on the 9th  June for three weekends, this year’s adult panto aims to bring the country together to laugh at our politicians instead of fighting about them. Expect a mix of extremely fresh satire, over-the-top naughtiness and outrageous silliness.

The team is putting together an extra one-off late night special performance on Saturday 17 June at 10.30pm which includes a complimentary drink for anybody who’s attending! As writer and director Steve Hili put it “After the election campaign we have been through, all of Malta deserves a drink! So, we thought we would provide it… We want to get everybody laughing and drinking together because the country demands no less!”

Steve, now a pro-comic in the UK, heads a gang of Malta’s funniest people taking part in the fourth edition of the maddest show on the island. This includes local comedy legend Malcolm Galea as the out-of-control Dame, as well as Joe Depasquale, Joseph Zammit, television personalities Larissa Bonaci and Taryn Mamo Cefai, and magician Gwilym Bugeja and burlesque queen Undine LaVerve.

Little Red Riding Hood is, as the name suggests, an adults-only show so you do need to be over 18 years old to get in. But it is probably also an advantage if you are not too mature! “It is quite ridiculous as a show,” adds producer Michael Fenech, “although I have to admit, some scenes are quite eye-opening!”

For people who have never been to the Adult Panto, it is good to point out that this is the opposite of the traditional one: it is naughty rather than nice, for grown-ups rather than kiddies, and in summer instead of at Christmas… Because, why not? But, if you enjoy the traditional pantomime, you will love it, and if you don’t enjoy traditional pantomime, you will love it even more!

Undine LaVerve

Little Red Riding Hood will be performed at Spazju Kreattiv from 9 June till 25 June, with a special late-night show on Saturday 17 June.

Ticket prices start from €17.

More info: www.kreattivita.org 

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