06 - 09 Jun 2013
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Sex Confessions of a Maltese man

One man and some pervy puppets on porn, pastizzi tal-haxu, and the pursuit of a happy…ending!

Sex Confessions of a Maltese man is exactly what it says in the box. It is a show that chronicles the sexual development of the thirty-something Maltese writer from conception to teenage w#$@*r to…the wierdo that he is today!

But not only, written and performed by Steve Hili and with Sean Briffa working his puppet magic this is the story of a generation of Maltese men! The tale of a sexual journey shared by most 30 something men in Malta (NOT IN THAT WAY!!) through a hybrid of stand up and puppets.

From being a school boy in pre-internet days and secretly watching Colpo Grosso to having a girlfriend who would not have sex because it was a sin (but was fine with giving blow-jobs) to that tryst which left you unsure if you had lost your virginity or not.

The audience will be encouraged to participate via a questionnaire that will be filled out before the show begins – enabling statistics about the sex lives of the spectators to be included in the show too.

Sex Confessions of a Maltese man is a funny, honest and brutal adult show. And it is certainly not for the feint-hearted!

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