20 Feb 2014
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Manoel Theatre

Spotlight Recital featuring Tricia Dawn Williams

Williams will be performing a varied programme of works by Denis Levaillant (France), Béla Bartόk (Hungary), Ruben Zahra and Pawlu Grech (Malta) and Steve Antosca (United States). Each work will portray a different technique on the piano starting with Levaillant’s obsessional and sonorous etude that will hold you in a trance as the pianist alternates between very fast chords on both hands (imitating a drum technique) and ending with Antosca’s piece for piano, computer processed piano sample and voice.

Transe (aux Batteries) by Denis Levaillant

Bagatelles for piano, Sz. 38, BB 50 (Op. 6) by Béla Bartók
1. Molto sostenuto
2. Allegro giocoso
3. Andante
4. Grave (arr. of Hungarian folksong “Mikor gulyasbojtar voltam”)
5. Vivo (arr. of Slovak folksong “Ej’ po pred nas, po pred nas”)
6. Lento
7. Allegretto molto capriccioso
8. Andante sostenuto
9. Allegretto grazioso
10. Allegro
11. Allegretto molto rubato
12. Rubato
13. Elle est morte (Lento funebre)
14. Valse: ma mie qui danse (Presto)

Rhapsoidía by Pawlu Grech – Artist & Musician

Pan the Goat-God by Ruben Zahra
1. The Forbidden Instinct
2. Panic & Fear
3. Selene
4. Metamorphosis

Empty Infinity – Boundless Country from Traces of Spirit Whispers by Steve Antosca

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