19 Mar 2014
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Show me the Funny

Stand-up comedy is starting to gain a serious foothold in the Maltese entertainment scene, with many interesting events sprouting in different areas of the island. The next event in which I’ll perform is ‘Show me the Funny‘ at Rookies bar in Bugibba. I have done stand-up there before, and I must say that the crowd is an eclectic mix of Maltese people and foreigners, therefore in order to be successful one needs to plan accordingly, for example current events will simply go over certain people’s heads, so no real point in going there really. I find the best route to take is self deprecation, as being able to laugh at oneself is always an admirable quality.

The other comedians for the evening are Malcolm Galea, Steve Hili, James Ryder and Joe Depasquale. I have the pleasure to say I have worked with all of them in the past and although what they have in common is that they are all very funny, at the same time they are all very different.

Sometimes I think that even one’s physical attributes contribute to one’s routine: Joe is big and burly with a big and burly voice; Steve is kind of wacky with his dreadlocks; Malcolm being tall and spindly commands attention and James being the youngest is our baby-faced angel… with a slightly foul mouth.

And me? I guess I’m the quirky redhead of the group and token female.

Catch us at Rookies in Bugibba, Wednesday 19th March at 9pm. Let us show you the funny!

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