24 - 25 Oct 2015
11:00 am - 6:00 pm


The Senglea Local Council, in collaboration with EventsMalta, is proud to bring you the 7th edition of the Maritime Festival.

Based on the success of past editions, the organisers have moved a step forward to create a welcoming atmosphere teamed with innovative ideas with unique attractions. One of the main attraction during this year’s edition will be the opening of Fort St Michael to the general public. An extensive programme celebrating traditional Maltese

Senglea’s History

Senglea is located on a promontory in the heart of the Grand Harbour and is the smallest of the Three Cities. The original city was built during the 16th century under the Knights of St John. Throughout their reign, the bastions and forts were built around the entire perimeter. Under British rule, it was a key part of the British naval dockyard, and it was also an axis target during World War II, and had suffered much destruction between 1940 and 1943. It has since been rebuilt and restored.

One of the main attractions during this year’s edition is the opening of Fort St. Michael to the general public. The fort was one of three, defending the Knights’ stronghold in Grand Harbour, along with Fort. St. Elmo and Fort St. Angelo. It was built between 1551 and 1565 on the peninsula.

During the Great Siege, Fort St. Michael had witnessed desperate fighting. Although Fort St. Elmo fell, both Fort St. Michael and Fort St. Angelo withstood the siege, but the former had been damaged to a great extent. It had endured 10 assaults from the Ottoman Turkish attackers. Grand Master Jean Parisot de Valette titled the city Civitas Invicta – The Unconquered City.

The rebuilding and development of the fortified city of Senglea after the siege continued until 1581. A part of it was largely dismantled during the extensions of the dockyard area during the British occupation, and during the construction of the Senglea Primary School in the 1920s. The school had suffered great damages during World War II, but was then rebuilt after the war.

The Programme:

10am – 11am: Mass at St. Ann’s Gate
11am – 5pm: Knights’ re-enactments and educational tours at Fort St. Michael
11am – 5pm: World War II re-enactments in front of the Basilica
11am – 5pm: Sight-seeing tours from the roof of Senglea Primary School

Throughout the event:

The stores at Fort St. Michael’s – An exhibition of Grandmasters of the Order of St. John and miniature statues of patron saints.

Senglea Primary School – An exhibition of military radios, miniature statues of patron saints and hands-on pottery. There will also be an exhibition of works done by the students of Senglea Primary School.


Traditional boats, accessories, knots and lashings related to the maritime industry.

World War II displays which include vehicles and weapons.

Traditional Maltese food and sweet stalls.

Senglea Local Council Hall – Malta Artisan Markets

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