11 Feb 2017
8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Manoel Theatre


Modern Music Day‘s latest concert, Rhythms of Vision, will bring together local and international composers and visual artists in a celebration of today’s interdisciplinary arts scene, thus connecting contemporary music with video art.

On the 11th February, some of Malta’s top composers and visual artists will be joining forces with renowned international counterparts for Rhythms of Vision, a concert of 20th century and contemporary chamber music. Taking place within the grand setting of the Teatru Manoel as part of Modern Music Days, this visual concert will portray the interdisciplinary arts scene that has emerged over the past few decades.

Screen shot of video by Ruben Zahra


Organised by Teatru Manoel in collaboration with Valletta 2018 and the Malta Association for Contemporary Music, Rhythms of Vision will include ten pieces written by Maltese, Japanese, French, German-Argentinian, Dutch and American composers, to visual work by Maltese, Dutch, Polish and Ukrainian artists, making this concert a truly international masterpiece.

Screen shot of video by Nigel Baldacchino



Rhythms of Vision will also include an educational element, as on the 8th February, the artists and composers involved will present their work at the University of Malta in collaboration with the Department of Digital Art and the Music Department to students, fellow artists and any interested members of the public.

Screen shot of video by Michel van der Aa


The programme of Rhythms of Vision will feature the music of composers John Galea, Karl Fiorini, Charles Camilleri, Ruben Zahra, Mauricio Kagel, Olivier Messiaen, Shoichi Yabuta, Makiko Kinoshita, Michael van der Aa and Scott McAllister. Visual artists Ritty Tacsum, Jean Pierre Gatt, Vince Briffa, Nigel Baldacchino, Aleksander Janicki, Leta Shtorr, Patrick Fenech, Trevor Borg, Ruben Zahra and Michael van der Aa will be creating the accompanying work. The musicians performing all the pieces on the night will be Godfrey Mifsud (clarinet), Nadine Galea (violin), Simon Abdilla Joslin (cello) and Tricia Dawn Williams (piano).

The concert will commence at 8.30pm at Teatru Manoel. Tickets for can be purchased here.

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