24 Jan - 31 Mar 2014
All Day
Palazzo de Piro, Mdina

Raymond Pitre’ – Documentary exhibition

Exhibition opens on the 24th January 2014 till the end of March.

The documentary consists of ten three-dimensional works in thick water colour paper cut-outs.

Originally conceived in the mid sixties, this was one of many projects which has been abandoned for a lapse of over four decades. In October 2008, these works were taken up again and took shape according to the original plans. However, their completion was the end result of months of very hard work, in which a riot of colours were orchestrated. None of these works is abstract, but all pivot on the multi layered overlay of the human creative process, using paper, the very fragile and light material. The idea of exhibiting these works, in addition to a website, germinated in 2012.

www.raymondpitre.com will be launched on the 24th of January – a website hosting a portfolio of various works of different styles and dates, starting from the 1950s to the present day.
Coordinated by John Paul Azzopardi
Supported by the Malta Arts Fund
Sponsored by Palazzo de Piro The Xara Palace Laurent Perrier

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