29 - 31 Aug 2014
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Puss in Boots – The Adult Panto

Puss in Boots is an Adult Panto – All the fun of the traditional show, but with all the nasty bits (and more!) left in.

The story centres around the marvellous Puss, her master, little Joseph who is a confused lad who dreams of making it big in musical theatre. We must not forget his mum, our outrageous dame, who is on a frantic mission to make some money by any means possible. Add a lustful and gambling King, an innocent little princess, a wicked baddie with a plan, the world’s most famous sidekick and a script that celebrates silliness and bad taste … and you’ve got a show!

Puss in Boots will turn this popular genre on its head, creating an anti panto if you will. It is not for kids, it is naughty rather than nice and it is being held in summer (because…why not go the whole hog?)

With a cast featuring some of the top comedic talent on the island and a script written (and directed) by bona-fide nutter Steve Hili, this show will be the naughtiest thing you will see this year. It will literally blow your socks off.


The venue will be the MADC Clubrooms and it is on for just ONE WEEKEND ONLY on 29, 30 and 31 August at 8pm

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