13 Apr 2014
4:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Gharghur Main Square

Pupi fuq iz-Zuntier

DWAL GODDA is a theatre troupe based in the small village in Gharghur.

Since 1975, it has been striving to change the traditional Good Friday procession into one of question and (maybe) meaning(?). It has done this with an original script every year which pushes the boundaries of what can be discussed in terms of culture, tradition and even religion. The script in fact is not just a recount of what happened two thousand years ago. A Greek-style chorus is ever-present throughout this 2-act play and while moving the plot along this group of actors give voice to the audience and introduce contemporary characters and themes: usury, politics, taboos, the woman who has had an abortion, and many more.

This unique event, which always takes place on Palm Sunday (this year on 13th April), has been given the title of PUPI FUQ IZ-ZUNTIER (Puppets of Society). 

How do destiny, fate, religion intertwine? This bi-lingual event, which is of great interest also to tourists, is free of charge.

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