27 Jun 2014
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Naxxar Trade Fair Grounds

Prize Boxing Promotions Rock Solid 27th June Boxing Fight Night

Whether you’re a boxing fan or going for the first time, Fight Night is definitely an outing which packs a punch. It is the biggest boxing show that has ever been promoted in Malta. With a total of 15 fights including two professional bouts on the card, the best talent on the island will be pitting their strengths either against each other or tough international opponents. The two professional bouts of the evening will include ‘Super’ Steve Martin challenging for the WBF international welterweight title and Tyrone ‘El Terribile’ Borg fighting for the Malta Boxing Commission light heavyweight title against international opponents.

However, two of the most intriguing battles will be on the semi professional level featuring local boxers fighting each other for championship belts. The first one will see Christian ‘Coqqos’ Schembri, a young up and coming fighter previously featured on EVE, versus Chris Debono – who is considered a veteran of the local scene. They will be challenging each other for the Prize Boxing Promotion light heavyweight championship and this will also be Christian’s first attempt at winning a boxing championship. The second fight will be a highly anticipated rematch between Richard ‘The Viper’ Vella and Clayton ‘The Punisher’ Vella, where ‘The Viper’ will be putting his Prize Boxing Promotion and WBU semi professional middleweight titles on the line.

Other fighters worth mentioning on the card will be Garth ‘The Problem’ Galea, Etienne ‘The Buddy’ Spiteri, Mandy Cortis, and Mario ‘Il-Gross’ Borg. All these boxers hail from the most successful gym on the island ‘Fight Factory – Home of Champions’. The event will be held at the open air Naxxar Trade Fair grounds, and an attendance of around two thousand people is expected. Other than a sporting event, it can also be a great night out with plenty of opportunities to socialise over a drink, whilst cheering on the local talent.

Purchase your tickets from: +356 79311 1928, +356 9967 2300 and +356 9929 1720

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