17 Jul 2016
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Malta Chamber of Commerce Building


In this unique theatre experience within the Malta Chamber of Commerce on the 17th July, members of the audience will directly participate in the performance, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Please, Continue (Hamlet) is structured like a criminal court trial, with the jury randomly made up of audience members who are informed of the elements of the case at hand. A psychologist also takes part in the trial, who will have conducted the evaluation of the accused and will present the results of her research and lend support to the prosecution and defence. In the presence of the judge, the jury – in the form of the audience – will then deliberate on the guilt or innocence of the accused.

Please, Continue (Hamlet) stimulates and provokes the civic sense in each spectator, as it relates to the idea of justice and touches on the gap between their personal sense of justice and the state-defined one.



Time: 7.30pm
Entrance: €15

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