13 - 31 Dec 2014
All Day
Auberge d’Italie, Veneziana Cafe

People – An Art Exhibition By Mark Attard

As visual perception operates on different planes we always see more, not necessarily through but in conjunction with, what we are focused on. While you are looking at people or just their limbs, torsos, backs or faces, you are aware of something else, perhaps in your peripheral vision, perhaps in your visual memory or perhaps in a physical sensorial sensation that has nothing to do with vision, at all. This phenomenon is the base of the fundamental characteristics of Mark Attard’s second art exhibition, People.


Through his use of various media: oils, pastels and acrylics, as well as additional original touches, he succeeds in guiding the viewer’s eyes to alternative aspects of human images, transporting the workaday world to the borders of fantasy, while at the same time leaving room for interpretation. Mark maintains that within his paintings, what you see is not always what you get and they are only complete once the viewer adds his or her own interpretation to the piece.

This art exhibition follows Mark’s début in the visual arts world From A Different Angle, an art exhibition housed at the Agog gallery in Zebbug, some two years ago. Mark Attard is also an established musician and composer in his own right. Also known as Mark Kram on the music scene, he regularly performs with established bands, such as the popular Fakawi, a band he co-established himself, Xirka Rock, as well as Trania, which is dedicated to Mediterranean ethnic fusion and What the Funk! He also plays with various other outfits and is accomplished in various styles, such as jazz, rock, funk and reggae.

Although this art form had somehow been overshadowed by his music, Mark, as a true creative, manages to fuse his music and his paintings together. His use of vibrant colours may be compared to musical tones, with the dark and bright tones comparable to the diminuendos and crescendos on a musical score.

Mark describes the creative process as one embarking on a journey: as the artist stares at the blank canvas, this itself fades into the distance as the journey begins to unfold. This collection of some twenty pieces, sees the gathering of pieces involving people or parts thereof and is testament to his artistic journey, so far while at the same time, promising more destinations in future.

The exhibition is being hosted at the Heritage Malta Venue (Ex Veneziana Cafe’) in Melita Str Valletta and runs from 13th to 31st December.

The official opening of the exhibition will be on the 12th December, by invite. The exhibition will be closed on 24th and 25th December. For telephone enquiries and appointments, please call 99473635.

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