23 Aug 2017
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


On Wednesday, 23rd August, Inizjamed will be organising the sixteenth Open Mic at Maori, just a throw of stone away from Fort St Elmo, the location of The Mediterranean Literature Festival itself which will start the day after with the presence of twelve authors. In front of the Mediterranean sea itself, where the breakwater has already softened the wrath of the waves, you are invited to read a poem or a story, a mixture of both, perform a stand-up sketch, play or sing something original. Like the Festival itself, where the official language will be translation, at the Open Mic every language or sound is welcome.

The special guests for the night will be two – Roger West and Kate Rex, two poets themselves, and also translators who worked behind the scenes for various editions of the Festival. Other Festival authors will also be present.

This open mic is being organised as part of the events preceding the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival.

Entrance and participation are free.

More information here.

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