04 - 05 Oct 2014
9:00 pm - 3:00 am

Programme: Notte Bianca 2014


Valletta Entrance – 19:00

No night of festivities would be complete without a little pomp and circumstance.  In that fashion Notte  Bianca  opens  grandiosely  with  a  special  display  from  the  rooftops,  historical  re-­‐enactments, and marching bands around Valletta.

NOTTE BIANCA – RED CARPEFreedom Square – 19:00

Will be hosting an elegant red carpet event starting at 19.00. Come by and take your photos with all the glitz and glam!

BELLOPHONE – Independence Square – All night Long

This  year  Notte  Bianca  is  proud  to  present  the  Bellophone;  an  innovative  project  which  will allow Notte Bianca patrons to play the bells of Valletta! A collaboration between sound designers, engineers and the Valletta communities  has brought us one of the most innovative  projects ever programmed for Notte Bianca.

Set  up  in  Independence  Square,  the  Bellophone is  a large-­‐scale  instrument incorporating  two Valletta church bell towers -­‐   those of the Anglican and the Carmelite churches -­‐   and a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ art  playing  console.  The  console  features  a  playing  board,  similar  to  a  keyboard  of  a  piano  in function, but instead of keys it has large round buttons, which when pressed will ring the bells in the towers wirelessly. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to be able to play the bells of two churches simultaneously. For more info please visit: bellophone.org

ELECTROSTRAIT – Strait Street – 19:00-­‐02:00

Throughout  the night Strait Street  will be having  a ball, specifically  an electroswing  ball. Electro-­‐ Swing Malta will be pumping out the best tunes in this exciting novel genre, which blends vintage swing with contemporary production techniques. Don your finest duds and swing, swing, swing.

TBERFIL TATTOO – Pjazza Repubblika – 19:00-­‐00:00

Get some ink! But not just any ink. This year Notte Bianca has commissioned a tattoo artist to design tattoos  based  on  traditional   Maltese tberfil. Tberfil is  an  elegant  local  typography   that  can traditionally  be seen on vintage Maltese buses and luzzi (Maltese fishing boats). So come visit our tattooist at Pjazza Regina and don’t miss this opportunity to get inked the Maltese way.

ŻIFFAŻFIN – Old Market Place – 19:30-­‐00:30

Dance the night away! On an elevated stage at the Suq tal-­‐Belt we are going to be having a dance expo with a twist, featuring some of the best dance troupes on the island. Imagine line dancing to Maltese oldies, fiery flamenco to marci funebri, and oriental dance to local Ghana and more. This is fusion dancing like you will have never seen.

MALTAPOP – Pjazza Teatru Rjal – 19:00

Surely there’s nothing that can get a smile on your face quicker than a Guggen band. Big dancing band, dressed up in motley Carnival colours, playing as loud and as boisterously as you can possibly imagine. On top of that the set list is going to be the best of Maltese pop music. What’s not to like?

NOTTE BIANCA LIVE – Pjazza Teatru Rjal – 21:00

Ever feel nostalgic for the old days? Then step into the music of our local past with the concert O Żmien Ħelu, featuring beloved songs from all the golden oldies. Maestro Dominic Galea has created arranagments  for  some  of  the  greatest  Maltese  pop  compositions.  Then  we  got  Enzo  Guzman, Doreen  Galea,  Freddie  Portelli,  Mary  Spiteri,  Mary  Rose  Mallia,  Mike  Spiteri,  Bayzo,  William Mangion, Tony Camilleri and other surprises – even from abroad! All this will be presented by the Di u d-­‐Do of our old concerts, John Demanuele and Charles Saliba. Surely a night to be remembered -­ Live on PBS!

LANA LKBIRA – Great Siege Square – 19:00-­‐21:00

Għana  is  the  music  of  the  Maltese  people  and  a  tradition  that  needs  to  be  passed  on  from generation to generation. This year Notte Bianca has started a community project, where a group of għanneja were  commissioned  to  collaborate  with  by  guitarist  Evan  Plumpton  to  teach  50  guitar students the art of għana. This special concert will see four of our finest għanneja singing with a backing band of over fifty guitar students.

CHOIR BOX – Great Siege Square – 20:00 | 22:30

Outside the Law Courts experience an interactive choir. Browse the jukebox playlist set up nearby, select your favourite tune and enjoy the song performed live by the Mirabitur Choir just for you. The choir will also be collecting donations in aid of the community chest fund.

BANDRA – Teatru Manoel – Indie Stage – Old University Building – Metal Stage – Pjazza San Ġwann – Big Band Stage – 7pm to 2am

Some of the finest local bands will be taking the stage at different venues around Valletta to keep the night alive with music. Each venue will be dedicated to a specific music genre, so attendees can revel in the best Malta has to live music until the early hours. The Old University will turn into the Metal Stage with Malta’s best metal and doom bands. Teatru Manoel will present some of the best alternative and indie bands on islands whilst Pjazza San Ġwann will dance to the brass sounds of our big bands. For full details on the programme of events refer to the Notte Bianca Website or App.

ĠENNATA RJALI – Pjazza Teatru Rjal – All Night Event

Angels will be looking from above at Pjazza Teatru Rjal. This majestic installation will dress up the columns  in the pjazza using  traditional  decorations  and  crafts  as typically  seen  in local festas. A performance theatre team will be posing as statwi tal-­‐festa on top of the pillars.

INFORMAZZJONI – Castille Place|Merchant Street|St Johns Street –All Night Event

It shouldn’t be too hard to spot our info team. Just look up at Castille Place, Merchant Street or St John’s Street, and look out for our friendly animators sitting on high lifeguard chairs, megaphones in hand, letting everyone know about all that is going on during the night. Feel free to ask them any questions; they will be more than happy to help. You can also purchase  the limited  edition  Notte Bianca  eco-­bags  with original  designs  by Nadine Nako from all information points.

BASKTIJIET – Info Point Pjazza Teatru Rjal – All Night Event

Take your Notte Bianca 2014 memories home with you, thanks to our limited edition illustrated eco-­‐ bag inspired by our magical capital city. This beautifully illustrated souvenir, with designs by Nadine Nako, can be purchased from the Notte Bianca Information stands. Don’t miss out!

THE GREAT FLEA MARKET – Hastings Garden – All Night Event

Fed up of shopping for the same old products on the same old shelves? Or are you looking for some genuine  local arts and crafts items?  Then Notte  Bianca’s  Great Flea Market  is the place  for you. Featuring  florists, portrait artists, antiques,  crafts, car-­‐boot  sales, home-­‐made  foods and all other sorts of stalls, the flea market will manifest the best Maltese markets have to offer. This area will also feature our own Villaġġ, a trade fair for various entities that will be exhibiting and promoting their services  and organisations.  Familiar  local folk bands will be keeping the night alive with fun banter and good music.

AMAZE2 – St. Georges Square – All Night Event

You think you can’t fit Science in one box? Think again! Logix Creative and Daaa Haus have been entrusted with the conceptualisation, design and fabrication of a massive cube science installation in Pjazza St. George during Science In The City 2014 and Notte Bianca 2014.

Introducing AMAZE2. A massive installation in the shape of a giant cube housing a maze that plans to portray the various elements of science in a fun and eclectic way. The installation, a journey through various rooms arranged as a full size maze, takes the visitor through various representations and interactive exhibits of science. From the weather to the big bang, from the earth to the human body, from solar energy to renewable energy, no stone will be left unturned.

Logix/Daaa are also thinking outside the box – quite literally -­‐   as around the installation there will be a host of other exhibits; Lufthansa will be presenting an array of interactive displays designed to experience the science around flight engineering; a car manufacturer will be displaying a fleet of EV vehicles; and a Beer manufacturer will be sponsoring a Beer Haus experiment bar. All this promises to make the AMAZE2 cube a truly unique experience. AMAZE2 offers visitors of all ages an accessible exhibition of educational displays that puts science in their hands. With the aid of Science in the City Consortium, Notte Bianca, Bio Pilot, Izaxa and V18. Logix/Daaa have will fit Science in the box and mixed it with art and culture to form an epic assault on the senses. Everyone will be truly AMAZED.

RITZ ARCADES – Republic Street – All Night Event

Ritz arcades, Valletta’s forgotten realm. Once a force in the strong retail era of Valletta, for the past twenty years the Ritz arcades have existed as an eminent ghost in Valletta. Dreams, memory and political issues all combine in this majestic empty building now only home to a cinema, that is almost forgotten, and an art studio gallery that has been working on the fringes for the past year.

Local artists Selina Scerri, Emma Talbot and Tom Estes have joined forces to transform the arcades of old into a novel, vibrant experience.  Each of the three artists will be showcasing  an exhibition  in different areas of the arcades. Emma Talbot’s installation is entitled I Was Dreaming of You. Selina Scerri’s painting exhibition is called Visions of Realms Unknown. Finally Tom Estes will be displaying a performance in the cinema titled The Bell Ringer.

IĊĊAQLAQ (EUROPEAN MOVE WEEK) – St. James Bastion – 19:00-­‐02:00

Kunsill   Malti  għall-­‐Isport   (KMS)  has,  for  the  second   year  in  a  row,  been  entrusted   by  the International Sports & Culture Association (ISCA) to organise the European Move Week in Malta between the 29th September and 5th October 2014. This year the KMS is featuring as part of Notte Bianca Valletta! Move Week is the flagship activity of the Now We Move campaign which aims to get 100 million more Europeans moving by the year 2020 in a bid to fight inactivity and obesity. Hosted in St. James Bastion, everyone is welcome to come participate  in a wide range of exciting sports that are sure to get your feet moving and heart pumping.  Judo, Karate, Boxing, Abseiling and Wheelchair Basketball will all be organising demonstrations for the public to watch and join in their activities. Come and put your sports shoes on!

VALLETTA OBSCURA – Merchant Street | St John Street – All Night Event

Have you ever wanted to step inside a photograph? Notte Bianca’s Camera Obscura is your chance to experience the Valletta cityscape through unique dreamlike projections. In this special dark room, a live reflection of the Valletta streets will fill up the walls. Lie down in the room and gaze upon the beauty  of  Valletta’s  architecture  given  a  new  and  dazzling  perspective.  The  host  will  guide  you through  the principles  behind  camera  obscura,  an  optical  device  that  projects  an  image  of  its surroundings on a screen.

BIEB IL-­‐BOMBI – Bieb il-­‐Bombi, Floriana – All Night Event

Every single day, hundreds of locals and tourists drive under the Bieb il-­‐Bombi monument in Floriana on their way to Valletta. But very few people know that there is access to the top of these gates. This year Notte Bianca is organising a special visit, where patrons can visit the overpass of these monumental  gates.  Don’t  miss  this  one  off  opportunity  to  get  a  different  perspective  of  these historical fortifications. Bieb il-­‐Bombi is an ornamental gate in the Floriana Lines, which formed the outer defensive walls of Valletta. Constructed in the Baroque style, the gates were completed in 1721, a year after the death of Fra Ramon Perellos u Roccaful, the 64th  Grandmaster of the Order of Saint John. Perellos’ coat of arms appears above the gate.

LOGĦOB FIL-­‐LIBRERIJA – National Library – 7pm to 2am

The world of video games will enthrall children and adults alike at the National Library. Academics from   University   of   Malta’s   newest   research   centre Institute of  Digital   Games will showcase alternative,  independent  games  that  challenge  our  assumptions,  ask  problematic  questions,  and even  help  children  with  dyslexia.  The  selection  of  awards  winning  games  will  be  showcased  to players of all ages.

L-­‐IKLA T-­‐TAJBA – Stock Exchange Area – All night long

L-Ikla  t-­Tajba at Notte Bianca is the final step of a Valletta 2018 initiative aimed at empowering  a group of twenty youths and adults to learn the art of local cookery  and have the opportunity  to share their culinary talents with you. The team behind the stoves at Castille Place this evening had never been in a professional kitchen before taking up an intensive training programme organised by Valletta 2018 early in the summer. Training focused on both the technical and the creative side of cooking. They learnt how to respect local produce and the land that provides it. Participants were tasked with the design of their very own signature dishes, and tonight is where they showcase them. Assisted by a handful of professional chefs, the twenty people cooking for you tonight come from all walks of life. Some are married  couples,  other single mothers.  There are business  people,  skilled people and unemployed; star pupils and children with learning difficulties; locals and expatriates -­‐   a wide array of participants brought together by their shared passion for food -­‐   all working as a tight team. This has been an empowering experience for all of them. The team came up with eight street food recipes using some of the island’s most cherished produce – namely lampuki,  pork, rabbit, gbejna, pomegranate,  potatoes,  beetroot,  bigilla, tomatoes,  tuna, honey and grapes.

Hungry? L-­‐ikla t-­‐tajba, bon apetit

IT-­‐TIP TAGĦNA – Republic Street – All night long

The team behind local website MaltaType  have been commissioned  to collaborate  with L-­‐Għaqda tal-­‐Malti  Universita’  designed  a series  of banners,  each featuring  a specially  selected  quote  from local authors.  Look  up  at  Merchants  Street  to  take  in  the  displays.  The  banners’  designs  are influenced by vintage Maltese shop signs.

Pjazza Teatru Rjal – 12am

As the bells chime midnight, the Malta Youth Orchestra will be kicking off a swing concert in Pjazza Teatru Rjal full of oomph, pzazz and zing! Join this talented young ensemble for what promises to be a great energetic performance. The Malta Youth Orchestra is the ‘sister ensemble’ of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and is made up of talented young musicians. The target aim of the MYO is to provide an excellent opportunity for budding musicians to gain first-­‐hand  experience playing in an orchestra and, more importantly, to participate in the joy of ensemble music-­‐making.

KASTILJA KLASSIKA – Castille Square – 7pm to 2am 

Fancy a night at the proms?  Then join us at the magisterial Pjazza Kastilja for a night of operatic and classical concerts. Music Maestro Productions, founded by Maltese tenor/conductor Brian Cefai and featuring  some  of the finest  local singers  and musicians,  will be giving  a concert  full of the best classical music pieces and popular operatic arias. The evening will also feature a special concert of Maltese music and poetry.

IDDINJA FUQ IL-­‐PLANĊIER – St Lucia Street – 7pm to 2am

Notte Bianca shall again be reviving the traditionnal Maltese plancier, which were used for concerts of band clubs around  Valletta.  Creating  a beautiful  reconstruction  of this traditional  stage, Notte Bianca will  be  giving  this  characteristically  Maltese  construct  back  to  the  city.  Showcasing  their talents on this stage will be motley crew of musical variety, including opera, 1920s style flapper girls, Samba music, and American Folk straight from America!

Casino Maltese – 8pm to 12am

A new musical project rooted in the rich tradition of the Maltese band club, Band on the Run aims to unite  musicians  from  every  local  band  club  in  Malta  and  Gozo.  This  talented  ensemble  already boasts  over  70  members,  who  will  be  involved  in  both  performance  and  education  across  this exciting cultural initiative. In the spirit of celebrating Malta’s much-­‐loved band music, Band on the Run strives to foster a sense of community between all local band clubs while nurturing musical talent amongst Malta’s young musicians.  Aiming  to  offer  performances  of  a  high  standard  and  new  opportunities  in  musical education, this collaborative project will actively seek to fuse traditional band music with different musical  styles.  Such  focused  efforts  will  work  to  highlight  Malta’s  unique  combination  of  local identity and European influence through music. The Band on the Run team is currently organising weekly rehearsals and outreach activities to band clubs in different towns and villages. Masterclasses, workshops and a series of performances and projects are being held in collaboration with local councils, local band clubs and schools. Community events are open to students as well as the general public, with the valuable participation of band masters, conductors and teachers from the various localities involved. Solo performers and chamber groups from various communities are also contributing to performances and masterclasses. By 2018, Band on the Run plans to hold activities in all localities in Malta and Gozo. Band  on  the  Run  (Banda  Nazzjonali  ta’  Valletta 2018)  is  a  collaboration  between  Valletta  2018. Foundation and Għaqda Każini tal-­‐Banda.

FUQ L-­‐ORGNI TA PARTI BERT – Knisja Santu Wistin – 8.30pm

The Cantores choir will give us a concert on one of the hidden musical gems of Valletta, the organ at the church of St Augustine. The programme includes beautiful pieces from Maltese composers such as Benigno  Zerafa,  Rev. John Galea,  Giuseppe  Fenech  but also Mediterranean  contemporary  and classic composers such as Ennio Morricone and Guiseppe Verdi.

ĠENNATA RJALI – Pjazza Teatru Rjal – All Night Long

Angels  will be flying from above  at Pjazza Teatru  Rjal. This majestic  installation  will dress up the columns  in the pjazza using  traditional  decorations  and  crafts  as typically  seen  in local festas. A performance theatre team will be posing as statwi tal-­‐festa on top of the pillars.

IL-­‐QADDISIN! – Tal-­‐Karmnu Church – All Night Long

Inside  tal-­‐Karmnu  Church  strange  happenings  are afoot.  The traditional vari of our beloved  local feasts are coming to life to tell their tales and reminisce the good old days of their respective festas. Even long standing rivals like San Ġorġ and San Bastjan will be trying to settle old scores!

PINTA TEATRU, QATT MA NINSA – Palace Courtyard –7.30pm to 1am

Three inventive local theatre groups are putting up projects inspired by the stories discovered during the V18 and Maritime Museum project. The Valletta 2018 Foundation, in collaboration with Heritage Malta, launched the first edition of Qatt Ma Ninsa in June. Qatt Ma Ninsa is a collective memory project, aimed at collecting stories and objects related to the sea. Qatt Ma Ninsa invited the public to the Maritime Museum, bringing along objects, photographs or memorabilia related to the sea and to share memories and stories associated with these objects. Featuring Claudio Carta, Versilħoss and Maleth, you will be seeing these stories brought to life at the palace courtyard.


Żigużajg is the International Arts Festival for Children and Young People held annually in Valletta produced  by  St.  James  Cavalier  Centre  for  Creativity.  The  performances  target  an  audience  of children and youth, from newborns to 16 year olds. Żigużajg will be giving a very special preview of its programme for 2014 during Notte Bianca. Join the Żigużajg team at the Upper Barracca Gardens on the night for a guaranteed evening of creativity, culture and fun for children of all ages! Participating artists include Trevor Zahra, Drama Unit, Xarulu’ and St James Cavalier Animators. This year Notte Bianca’s children’s area will be taken over by the Ziguzajg team!

ATMOSFERA – All Around Valletta – All Night Event

Notte Bianca is the night where all of Valletta comes to life. From City Gate to the far end of the peninsula, every street, corner and pjazza will be buzzing with spectacle. Museums, churches and other magical spaces will be waiting for you to pop a visit. From the usual jazz at the Bridge Bar to the grandiose St John’s Co-­‐Cathedral tours, there is definitely something for everyone. So wander around, explore, and soak up the atmosphere.

For full details on the Atmosfera programme of events refer to the Notte Bianca Website or App.

* * * * *

Notte Bianca is held in Valletta each year and is a spectacular, night-long celebration of culture and the arts in Malta’s capital.  The streets and cultural venues come alive with a programme of entertainment designed to hold something of appeal for everyone.

Cultural venues, state palaces and museums open their doors almost all night, with many playing host to visual art exhibitions, dance and theatre performances.  Streets and squares become venues for open-air concerts, while many cafes and restaurants extend their hours and also run pavement stalls.  All art and musical forms are represented from classical to pop and contemporary.

The Malta Council for Culture & the Arts organises Notte Bianca with the support of the Ministry for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.  The event sees Valletta become an ‘open city’ of culture.  The programme is designed to ensure every area of Valletta is involved, from City Gate to the far end of the peninsula.

Notte Bianca has held seven successful editions with record numbers attending each year.

Website: nottebianca.org.mt

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