04 Mar 2017
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Gharghur Main Square


In December 2016, Thomas Galea left this world too soon after battling with cancer for five years, leaving his family and friends with a deep sense of loss.

During this time, Thomas would have been present at the Għargħur Theatrical Space to rehearse for upcoming performances. This old building in the centre of the village has housed a small but strong theatre troupe called Dwal Ġodda. Set up in 1970, this troupe has strived to produce contemporary theatre and performed works by Friggieri, Ebejer, Pirandello, De Filippo, Wilde, Simon, Miller, Molière, Ayckbourn, as well as those penned by its members, amongst them Martin Gauci.

Thomas had taken part in numerous theatrical productions. Whilst being a brilliant actor, he was also a sweet friend. Even during the hard times of several tests and treatment, he was always eager to surprise the group when in Malta, popping his head through the doors and greeting his friends with a huge smile. Never grumbling or pessimistic, but always with words of encouragement and hope.


Dwal Ġodda’s upcoming production, entitled Radam, will include a special mention for Thomas. Many talented musicians have donated their time and talent to make this a memorable evening, featuring Amber, Lulu, Wayne from Big Band Brothers, Luca Toccafondo, Nadia Vella, Kersten Graham, Janice Azzopardi, Rachel Fabri and Andrew Camilleri. Some of Thomas’ close friends will also be performing.

His family would like this celebration to be an event of giving back. Although entrance is free, all proceeds and donations will go towards Puttinu Cares. The performance will be held on the 4th March at 8pm, and Her Excellency the President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca will also be present for the evening.

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