19 - 20 May 2017
All Day
Fort St Elmo


The launch of the Malta World Music Festival has just been announced by Arts Council Malta, with its first edition to be held on the 19th and 20th May at Fort St Elmo.

The Malta World Music Festival will seek to expand its identity as a festival in the middle of the beautiful Mediterranean, whilst connecting with neighbouring countries and beyond.

The festival promises two evenings of energetic and vibrant music by top-quality artists. This year’s edition will be opened by Brodu, an alternative Maltese band formed in 2011 who’ll be launching their second album in the coming months. Playing rock music with influences from various genres, Brodu will bring music in our native Maltese language to the festival. Tsuumi Sound System – an eight-piece Finnish modern folk music band rooted in Nordic folk traditions will follow. Tiwiza – a Franco-Algerian group with a North African tradition based on the notion of solidarity – play a fusion of percussion rhythms, nomad desert blues, with powerful arrangements and engaged lyrics.


The Khoury Project, a trio of brothers playing contemporary music which combines identifiable Arabic forms with globalised rhythms, will open the second day of the festival. Though faithful to the tradition of classical Arabic music, the Khoury Project have fused it with other genres such as opera, flamenco, Celtic, Indian and jazz, making it dynamic and appealing to different audiences.

Sona Jobarteh‘s voice, known through her contribution in film scores such as Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom will also be heard during this edition of the festival. Apart from her captivating vocals, Jobarteh is best known as the first female kora virtuoso, a usually male-dominated tradition passed on from father to son. She has modernised the presentation of kora music – a 21-stringed African harp – bringing a rhythmic edge to her compositions which are very up to date and fit her remarkable singing.

The festival will close with BandAdriatica, a project in which music is created from the encounters and exchange of people and their traditional repertoires, contributing to the continuous development of traditional music and in keeping with the festival’s aim of celebrating cultural diversity.

Image credit: DOI – Jason Borg


Early bird tickets for the festival will be available from the 4th March to the 15th April at €10 for single tickets and €18 for block tickets. Normal tickets at €12 for single tickets and €20 for block tickets will be available from the 16th April. Tickets can be purchased here.

Malta World Music Festival 2017 is organised by Arts Council Malta and supported by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, MSV Life and V.18. More information can be found here.

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