24 May 2014
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Republic Street

Malta Fashion Week 2014 – Solo Designers Show

The Solo Designers Show will showcase Maltese designer, Ritienne Zammit and Creative Factory 7 (CF7) which is made up of Charlene Muscat and Angelique Attard.

Ritienne Zammit, known for experimenting with materials will be presenting her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection titled Amen. Consisting of a mixture of inspirations from urban city wear together with catholic infused fashion items. The collection makes use of a mixture of materials that reflects the expression of both past and modern times. It portrays the rebellious attitude of the young brought up in the city.

CF7 will be presenting the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection called Biosphere which features fabric prints made from manipulating ten paintings. The idea consists of focusing on five species that have a specific ability to relate with fellow species to benefit themselves and society.

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