17 - 24 May 2014
All Day
Fort St Elmo

Malta Design Week 2014 | St Elmo, Valletta

Malta Design Week 2014 declares itself a Micronation

Micronations are born through declaration: an expression and desire to separate and exist independently; to auto-annex oneself from a precedent in the pursuit of functioning autonomously through a set of standards inherent to the very space itself.

These principles are also intrinsic to good design. Outstanding design abandons the conventions of its predecessors and establishes a new set of rules, existing in its own scale of measure.

A curated series of lectures, talks and conversations presented by illustrious local and international guests. Design Dialogues provides a platform for everyone to discuss and debate the role of design in Malta, and our position in the region and beyond. All talks are free, with registration.

Housed within the epic fort St. Elmo, at the tip of Valletta – a space designed to be able to function independently in case of siege – MDW2014 will be creating a space where design can survive and thrive. Visitors will be stepping into a self-governing space where innovation and creation are the constitutional basis upon which the country functions.

Our micronation will be a place to experiment and innovate, incubate and produce.

Post by Malta Design Week.
Further info: www.facebook.com/maltadesignwk | maltadesignweek.com

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