03 - 04 Dec 2016
8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sala San Duminku


After an eight-year hiatus, *etnika has regrouped with a fresh new sound in the form of their new album, Maddalena’s Marvellous Tripfolk Klabb.

Known as one of Malta’s first world music bands since it inception in 2000, this unlikely mix of musicians are bound to awe by not only their recent experimentation, but also by remaining true to that which they’ve always been known for; blending the new with the traditional. The folk instruments utilised in the production of this album, such as the tambur, żummara, bijambo, żafżafa and flejguta, are offset by effected guitars, retro-futuristic synths, unconventional percussion and footwork, deep groovy bass, raspy sax and haunting whispery vocals.

Maddalena’s Marvellos Tripfolk Klabb was digitally launched on the 15th November, and the band are also presenting a concert in honour of the album’s launch on the 3rd and 4th December at Sala San Duminku.



A small underground tier-seated theatre in the heart of Valletta and relatively unknown to many, this 450-year old structure is the perfect setting for a Tripfolk Klabb. It is situated underneath the San Duminku Church in Merchant’s Street, with arches halls that used to be crypts. Over the last decade, this hidden treasure has been converted into a theatre, seating an audience of around 200.

A free copy of the album will be given with any ticket, which can be bought from Ticketline.com.mt.

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