04 - 12 May 2013
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
‘La Vittoria’ Band Club

“Landscapes” by Jeni Caruana

‘Adopted’ local artist Jeni Caruana has made a name for herself on the local art scene since moving from England and making her home in Malta almost 40 years ago. After studying in the UK, she has become well known for her drawing ability, her watercolours and her work with the Maltese Prehistoric Temples, jazz musicians, dancers and nudes. As a tutor and exhibitor she has enthusiastically contributed her knowledge and skills to furthering the appreciation and experience of art and creativity in Malta.

This exhibition focuses on the local landscapes of Northern Malta, concentrating on the ubiquitous farmer’s ‘huts’; both the square ‘dwejra’ and the older round ‘girna’ which punctuate the landscape. Painted at different times over the last year in watercolours, acrylics and mixed media, they capture the Maltese seasons in all their glory.

Jeni has been generously supported by BOV, Impressions, and Ten Green Bottles. A good proportion of the proceeds will be donated to Hospice Malta in recognition of their excellent work on the Islands.

In collaboration with ‘La Vittoria’ Band Club, Mellieha

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