17 May 2014
8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

KomoKuba – Live Cuban Party

Komokuba – the name of course originates from ‘como cuba’ which means ‘like cuba’. We wanted to write it in a way that could easily be read in all languages, has a certain feel of an Afro-cuban rhythm when said aloud and also implying that we are not cubans ourselves but respect the style and try hard to perform the songs in the Cuban manner. Inspired by the likes of Tito Puente, Arturo Sandoval, Buena Vista Social Club and others. It is an opportunity for all people who like to dance salsa, cha cha, rumba, bolero, son and other styles to do so with a live 7-piece band rather than a DJ.

Tickets (incl. welcome drink): www.komokuba.yapsody.com

Komokuba Band Page – facebook.com/KomoKuba

More Info: Mobile – 79311999 or Email – justin.galea@gmail.com

Musicians: Justin Galea – Voice/Flute, Joe Debono – Piano, Anthony Saliba (il-Fesu) – Bass, Joseph Camilleri – Drums, Adrian Galea – Percussions, Adrian Brincat (ir-Russu) – Trumpet, Jonathan Abela – Trombone

Musician Bios:

Justin Galea is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with interests that vary from jazz to the contemporary-classical as well as music in the Maltese language. Although his music performances are varied, they all hold a common thread of improvisation. Justin is band-leader and founder of KażinSka and keyboardist with Plato’s Dream Machine (PDM). He is currently developing his own solo project entitled e.K.e (electric Kukkanja experiment) and recently produced ‘Freedom:: A contemporary performance’. Justin is also artistic director of ‘Lissen Festival – Festival ta’ Mużika bil-Malti’ and a Masters graduate in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London.

Joe Debono studied classical piano with Mro J Psaila. He discovered jazz at a young age through his uncle Charles Sciberras, a renowned local jazz drummer. Debono attended lessons in jazz improvisation at the School of Music, tutored by Paul Abela and more recently at the Conservatoire de Musique de Luxembourg. The pinnacle of his formative phase came with Charles “City” Gatt who served the dual role of both mentor and drummer. He performed several times at the Malta Jazz Festival, playing among others with Sandro Zerafa, Nicky Doublet, Carlo Muscat, Amy Gamien, Lawrie Simpson, Lionel Boccara and  Fabrizio Bosso. Joe Debono plays at several local jazz venues and gives jazz improvisation classes at the Johann Strauss School of Music.

Joseph Camilleri recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree (Hons.) in music from the Contemporary Music College: The Institute, London. During his years of study, he took private lessons and attended master-classes from several distinguished jazz and contemporary drummers. Joseph played in several gigs and recording sessions both in Malta and London.

Adrian ir-Russu Brincat is a soloist trumpeter with almost thirty years of experience. He started studying music at the age of nine at the MMG Philharmonic of Żabbar later developing his skills and techniques under the supervision of Mro.Paul Borg on classical style. He joined the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra as a part-time musician for five years and following that he regularly performs with Pop, Jazz, Swing and Latin music groups. Adrian holds a Diploma in Jazz (ALCM) from the London College of Music.

Jonathan Abela is 42 years old. He studied music under Mro. Ray Sciberras, Mro. Paul Borg and others. Has been playing for the past 22 years. During which he played with various local bands including Etnika, Val Valente/Freddie Mizzi/Paul Abela Big Bands, Voices, Paul Abela Big Band. He is currently a musical director of his home town band.

Adrian Galea started playing drums and percussion at the age of seven years. Hailing from a very musical family, saxophone player Oscar Lucas being his Grandpa and singer Edwin Galea his father, Adrian plays in various clubs, music projects, recording projects and concerts. Amongst his musical collaborations, Galea performed in a concert with British Jazz Saxophonist Tommy Whittle.

Anthony Saliba  plays bass guitar and is interested in different genres of music. He started his training on drums, and piano, but switched to playing bass guitar as his primary instrument. He has taken part in several musical projects as session musician, and played with various bands. He is the bass player for local folk-pop band Brikkuni, with whom he performed in several concerts as well as at the 25th edition of the European film awards.

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