18 Jul 2014
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Floriana Granaries

Joseph Calleja in Concert. July 18th 2014

NnG Promotions is proud to announce that tenor Joseph Calleja will once again be performing live at The Granaries, Floriana on Friday July 18th 2014. As with previous years, the Maltese tenor will will be accompanied by a number of local and foreign guest artists.

Italian singer Claudio Baglioni, X-Factor winner Leona Lewis, young Maltese singer Federica Falzon and world renowned Bass Baritone, Bryn Tersely will accompany Calleja on stage.

Maestro Paul Bateman will be directing the National Orchestra.

Standing admission is free, seated tickets begin at €80.

Click here to get to know Mr. Calleja! 


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