23 - 25 Jul 2014
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Malta Maritime Museum

Ir-Ritorn, Malta Arts Festival 2014

Ir-Ritorn, based on Homer’s Odyssey, is a production by well-known local theatre group, ‘Theatre Anon’. The performance will be a revamped version by the actors employing their characteristic visual style and various storytelling techniques.

The company retells the story of the Greek hero Ulysses who tries to get back to his home after the Trojan War in a voyage that takes him 10 years and has him encountering several gods and monsters along the way. ‘Ir-Ritorn’ is a story of perseverance, cunning and courage in the face of danger. Nothing is what it seems to be.

This production will take place from July 23 to 25 at the Maritime Museum in Birgu for the Malta Arts Festival 2014.


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