29 - 30 Oct 2013
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Manoel Theatre

In lo(e)verland

”A Babylon of movements, of silent screams, deafening whispers. Annihilation in birth, rejuvenation in death. Danger bubbling in the veins of the machine. An emotional torrent, a cataclysmic crescendo meandering a labyrinth of choices. Despoting urges crunching her being into surrender. A kinetic prescription, an antidote to her eternal nemesis : the need to be desired. A mystic dance , prophetic hymn to an unborn religion, desperately searching for her own Jerusalem , tyrannical migrations into the promised land. Interchangeable transformations shed their skins in an anthropomorphic frenzy. An endless transformation till we reach the real self.

‘. . A brilliantly danced, emotionally touching journey into the dangerous no-man’s land of passion..’
General Anzeige Frankfurt

Created and performed by Athanasia Kanellopoulou
Music by Ilias Vafeiadis
Assistant Choreographer Harry Koushos


Source Link: www.facebook.com/events/661856890492968/

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