06 - 15 Nov 2015
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Manoel Theatre


It’s been four years, but it’s certainly been worth the wait because the FourPlay team is back and they’re four times SASSIER, BRASSIER and SEXIER than before!

For this edition, Alan Montanaro, Louiselle Vassallo and Isabel Warrington are joined by Edward Mercieca and the team is preparing to rock the rafters at the Teatru Manoel with riotous laughter in the fourth edition of the show, cleverly titled FourPlayFour.

The FourPlay concept was created by Montanaro and was consistently dubbed the “funniest show of the year” whenever produced. FourPlay (2005), More FourPlay (2008) and Even More FourPlay (2011) raised the bar of local satire, music and comedy-with-heart. Anticipation runs even higher with the participation in this eagerly anticipated fourth edition of Edward Mercieca, whose long-standing and scintillating comedy chemistry with Montanaro is the stuff of legend.

FourPlayFour will also welcome back fan favourites Chenticienne-Marie Chetcuti and Defsa, and they will be joined by some new characters… and nobody is safe. Being equal opportunity insulters, the team’s brand of satire is firmly tongue-in-cheek yet never truly offensive.


Images: (left) Ed and Lou, (right) Alan and Izzy


Singing, dancing, comedy and spectacle make up the varied programme of sketches written by the four writers Alan Montanaro, Malcolm Galea, Herman Grech and Chiara Hyzler, with additional material by Vikesh Godhwani and Joseph Zammit. The sketches will come together under the watchful direction of Denise Mulholland, Malcolm Galea, Herman Grech and Chiara Hyzler. Choreography is in the hands of Emma Loftus, with musical arrangements by Paul Abela. The sketches will also include some hilarious filmed sequences courtesy of the team at V-Squared Media and Entertainment.

FourPlayFour is being produced by DnA Theatre Productions at the Teatru Manoel on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, and 15th November at 8pm.

Ticket prices are €15, €20 and €25. Bookings can be made from the Teatru Manoel website. Alternatively, you may email bookings@teatrumanoel.com.mt or call 2124 6389.


Image: Ed and Alan

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