28 Jul - 06 Aug 2017
8:00 pm - 12:00 am
Ta Qali


The Farsons Great Beer Festival 2017 will be held at the Ta’ Qali National Park between the 28th July and the 6th August. The outdoor festival showcases the best in local and international award-winning beers, whilst featuring a great line-up of musicians and artists and naturally drawing thousands of festival goers!

The event offers free entrance and free public parking, doors open at 8 pm.

Beer Festival farsons

Rock Stage performances start at 9 pm, Main Stage at 9.30 pm and Blues n Brews Stage at 10 pm.

Here’s the 2017 Line Up:

Friday 28th July
MAIN STAGE: William Mangion & Band, Claudia Faniello
ROCK STAGE: Noogie’s Crew, A Broken Design, Xtruppaw
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Vinyl Paradise, Chris Tanti

Saturday 29th July
MAIN STAGE: Roundhouse Kick, The Busker
ROCK STAGE: Cryptic Street, Pyramid Suns, Falcon’s Flying Circus
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Bernie & Pod Trio, Janice Azzopardi

Sunday 30th July
MAIN STAGE: Crosswalk, Stoned
ROCK STAGE: The Velts, Beesqueeze, No Snow No Alps
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Joe Roscoe, The Plakard Project

Monday 31st July
MAIN STAGE: Waterwings, The Travellers
ROCK STAGE: Fallen Icon, Nomad Son, Club Murder
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Raquel & Band, Lindsay & Stefan

Tuesday 1st August
MAIN STAGE: Xarulu, Tribali
ROCK STAGE: Naangs, The Voyage, Plato’s Dream Machine
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Cheryl & Ken, Rob Harbour

Wednesday 2nd August
MAIN STAGE: The Crowns, Airport Impressions
ROCK STAGE: Pon di Corner, BNI, Manatapu
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Swing Nuages, Isaac Zahra

Thursday 3rd August
MAIN STAGE: Jack’s Fusion, Amber
ROCK STAGE: Fuzzhoneys, Lucy’s Last, Massacre House Party
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Oxygyn, Kersten & Nadine

Friday 4th August
MAIN STAGE: BnBees, Red Electrick
ROCK STAGE: Auntie’s Yellow Sofa, Rug
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Wayne & Luca, Joseph Portelli

Saturday 5th August
MAIN STAGE: Vinyl Paradise, Relikc
ROCK STAGE: Super Sponge Trio, Texanna, The Rifffs
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Yorika Attard, Stephanie Chircop

Sunday 6th August
MAIN STAGE: Filletti & Friends, Fakawi
ROCK STAGE: Colourblind, Rock Troupers
BLUES N BREWS STAGE: Gabriel Mansueto

Beer Festival 2017

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