03 Dec 2016
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Teatru Astra


On December 3rd, at 7.30pm, at the Astra Theatre, in Victoria, Gozo, the curtains will rise on EVOLUTION.

This is another wonderful production from leading Performing Arts school The Power House, a show that tells the story of song and dance, starting from the early 1800s to the present day.

You can expect the usual superior level of excellence from the Power House, with the entire school taking part in this singing and dancing extravaganza that boasts exquisite choreographies from collaborations between guest teachers and dancers and school founder and CEO Ms. Melanie Zammit.

So, for the show aficionados out there, this is going to be a feast for the senses.

However, this is no ordinary show.

This year, The Power House have done something very special.

To mark this show out from anything else ever produced in the Maltese islands, they have teamed up with The BodyForge, the top health professionals and life performance coaches on the island, to set up a campaign aimed specifically at two very noble causes.

First, they want to draw attention to the link between the cosmetics industry and cancer. Most women in general, and show people in particular are exposed to cosmetics on a constant basis. This has an adverse effect on their health, a fact which is downplayed unforgivably by the industry itself.

Secondly, this is the perfect venue to show women that, contrary to everything they are told in the media, the magazines and the music videos, they don’t need makeup to be amazing, confident women. They are beautiful being just the way they are.


According to Melanie Zammit, this attention to the human dimension, in addition to academic excellence, is just what puts the school in a class of its own.

“Real beauty lies within. And it’s our duty to teach our younger generation (and our older one too) the truth. This will give them the strength and confidence to believe in the power that lies within themselves.

A woman’s best asset is her mind not her body.

So Evolution was planned, designed, choreographed and set up with this exact mission in mind – to allow the dances and the costumes to give women a platform to be themselves, without needing to be judged or graded on their looks and physical assets.”

To mark this concept, the creative team behind The Power House and The BodyForge, have come up with a bold idea – to stage the entire production without makeup.

According to Life Performance Connoisseur, pharmacist and master coach Donatello Pisani, the CEO of The BodyForge who are the appointed expert health consultants for this production:

“The links between cosmetics and cancer are impossible to deny. And, we wanted to do something which is a first in Malta as far as we know. Doing an entire show without makeup will show that we really do care about these issues and we want the school to show our students we lead by example.”

It’s a noble cause with a principled aim.

This is how the Keep It Real Campaign was born.

SO for all of you out there who love a great show, and additionally want to show your support for a significant cause, please call 99859691 now to book your tickets.


You’ll be joining an illustrious list of people who have already shown their endorsement for the cause, including TV show personalities, presenters, producers, as well as people from the medical field and Her Excellency, The President of Malta herself.

This campaign is endorsed by the Action for Breast Cancer foundation.

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