05 Apr 2015
All Day

Easter Sunday 2015

This year Easter Sunday is falling on the 5th April. Considered to be the most important Catholic feast, Hadd il-Ghid, can be as holy, gory or fun as you want to make it.

The Good Friday Processions, though a steadfast tradition and attraction for locals and tourists alike, can be pretty tough to stomach and might be distressful to children, as anyone raised in Malta knows but may not readily admit. As are re-enactments of the Passion of Christ. Being religious they are given the green light but in reality a lot of anything between Palm Sunday and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday is pretty much AO material.

So onto the fun stuff. Time to start stocking up on figolli ingredients and to decide what shapes you want to make this year. Kids can be kept occupied with Easter Egg treasure-hunts, egg painting and bunny craft ideas. With a quick Google search some cute ideas for dinner table decorations with Easter Bunny themes can easily be replicated.

Whatever flavour you’d like to give your Easter, it is undoubtedly another feast that brings families together, an other excuse to pig out on sweet treats before the summer season’s watchful eating and best of all – a Biblical happy ending!