25 - 27 May 2017
All Day
The Westin Dragonara Resort



The Dental Association of Malta (DAM) is hosting the Council of European Dentists’ Meeting, which shall be held between 25-27 May 2017. The Council of European Dentists (CED) is a European not-for-profit association,  representing over 340,000 dental practitioners across Europe, via 32 national dental associations and chambers in 30 European countries. Established in 1961 with the purpose of advising the European Commission on matters relating to the dental profession, the CED’s key objectives are varied but mainly promote high standards of dentistry and oral healthcare, plus effective patient-safety-centred professional practice. CED also works on several fronts, primarily developing an executive policy and strategy for the promotion of the interests of the dental profession in the EU. It lobbies European institutions, monitoring, analysing and following up on political and legislative EU developments involving dentists, dental care and oral health, and much more. Expertise, exchange of information, cooperation and support are just a few of the pillar objectives on which CED is based.

This year, Malta has been chosen to host this meeting in view of the country being in charge of the EU presidency during 2017. The meeting is attracting the participation of 120 delegates and around 40 accompanying persons who shall be arriving from all EU member states and representing their respective National Dental Associations.  Malta’s voting delegates are Dr Audrey Camilleri who is International Relations Officer of DAM and DAM Secretary Dr David Muscat.


Hon. Minister Chris Fearne will be addressing the delegates in an opening speech on Friday 26 May, followed by a welcome speech from DAM President Dr David Vella.

A key topic to be discussed will be the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive of the EU Parliament and of the Council on a proportionality test before the adoption of a new regulation of professions.  Both DAM and CED feel that it is not the competence of the EU to regulate health in the Member States and the Member States should continue to be free to apply the precautionary principle when introducing new regulations for health professions. DAM is working together with the Malta Association of Medical Doctors and the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists to exclude health professions from this Directive.

Another important issue to be tackled is the case of dental technologists and others who are currently challenging the national health systems in the several Member States, by trying to gain the right to independent practice and increased competences. This is highlighted by the case of a UK trained clinical dental technician.   wishing to practice in Malta, which case is currently being reviewed by the Court of Justice of the European Union. With patient safety in mind, the Member States retain the right to decide which competences should be reserved to dentists.

Also on the table will be a subject on which the Maltese Presidency has focused during the first half of 2017. This is childhood obesity, one of its root causes being over-consumption of sugar.  All of these and several other topics besides will be tackled at the Council of European Dentists’ Meeting next week.

The Council of European Dentists’ Meeting 2017, shall be held at the Westin Dragonara Resort between 25-27 May 2017.

For further information contact: Dr Audrey Camilleri, International Relations Officer, Dental Association of Malta on email: iro@dam.com.mt

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