13 Jul 2016
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Fort St Elmo


D.O.K. is a Maltese performance piece with different artists working as equal partners – a harmonious experience where the expressions of dance, voice and music come together, leading to a commitment to teamwork, exploration and inter-disciplinary practice. The performance will be held at Fort St Elmo at 9pm on the 13th July. Entrance fee is €15.

The work conceived by Moveo Dance Company’s artistic director and choreographer Dorian Mallia, with the collaboration of soprano Miriam Cauchi, cellist Simon Abdilla Joslin and composer Albert Garzia, is inspired by the work of Maltese composer Charles Camilleri.

Moveo Dance Company, founded in 2005, focuses its work on the study of the body in motion, within a whole spectrum of possibilities including identity, as well as cultural and social behaviour.

The 11th edition of the Malta International Arts Festival is organised by Arts Council Malta. For more information, visit the Malta Arts Festival website

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