23 - 31 Dec 2014
5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
St George’s Square, Valletta

Christmas 3D Architectural Mapping Projection

The Christmas Season’s 3D Architectural Mapping Projection is a collaborative project between the Valletta 2018 Foundation and the MCAST Institute for Art and Design which celebrates the festive season while also welcoming the year 2015 in a grand, colourful way. The project, which is running for its second consecutive year, is an audio-visual spectacle for locals and tourists alike. It features projections on the facade of the Grandmaster’s Palace in St George’s Square, Valletta.

This collaborative initiative is a great way for MCAST students to showcase their talent by working on a large-scale project. Students are given the opportunity to reimagine buildings in public spaces by constructing innovative and cutting edge light and sound projections. Following the project’s success in 2013, projection shows are shown at various times during the period of the 23rd December up to the 31st December, with a special countdown ushering in the New Year on the final night as part of the Valletta Local Council national celebrations. Under the supervision of Paul Camilleri, 43 students create an artistic audio-visual masterpiece that cloaks the entire facade of the Grandmaster’s Palace; a step up from last year’s project which utilised only part of the facade.

Last year, the six-minute-long shows reinterpreted the central part of the facade of the Grandmaster’s Palace by giving the appearance of it being torn down and reconstructed in a spectacular way. The Palace’s facade was also transformed by acting as a canvas for different Christmas-themed scenes such as elves manufacturing toys at Santa’s workshop and Santa Claus delivering these gifts via a Maltese luzzu pulled by a giant fish.

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