01 - 31 Jan 2014
All Day
The Palace Hotel

Chloe Jayne Waterfield’s Exhibition

Chloe Jayne Waterfield’s latest exhibition at The Palace Hotel is a dynamic coming-together of vivid natural scenes, featuring unique and precious species from all corners of the world, and expressive abstracts inspired by the Palaeolithic cave art made famous by the panels of Lascaux and Altamira.

From unique locations such as the Arctic Circle and Papua New Guinea to rare animals such as Birds of Paradise, the extinct Thylacine (commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger) and vulnerable cetaceans, Chloe Waterfield delivers an expressionist and passionate style. The diversity of themes and characters that the artist portrays are held together by bold hues and raw, flowing brush strokes that are reminiscent of impressionism yet focused on the crisis of nature we face in our times. The paintings show longing and nostalgia for an innocent world we are very quickly losing. As such these paintings are timely and pleasing vignettes of our often under-appreciated planet.

Chloe Waterfield’s exhibition is open daily from the 1st to 31st January at The Palace Hotel, Sliema. The artist herself will be in attendance on weekends, painting live. For those interested in previewing the collection, please contact cjwaterfield@gmail.com or visit canidaeart.com for more information.


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