15 Dec 2012 - 13 Jan 2013
All Day
St James Cavalier
Caeser Attard, H-Ardcore

Caeser Attard – H-Ardcore

Be warned. This is not a Christmas-themed exhibition. Is it out of time? Perhaps, should not an artist also be out of time?

Probably H-ardcore is not exactly what you expect. However, one even suspects it is not what you expect it to be at all – “H” is for human. And what is human is not just whatever separates ‘us’ from the rest, from plants, animals, blacks, gays, sinners and so on, but what makes us part of them. This is what is hardcore in humans: Man not only sits on the shoulders of dinosaurs as he does on extinct apes, but He is truly the son of apes and dinosaurs. One imagines you are familiar with this.

H-ardcore addresses deep and obstinate features of our being that affects us profoundly in how we make sense of ourselves and of our social, political, cultural, and religious realities – without being didactic, banal, or even polite, or too polite.

Visitors will have the opportunity to move from one sub-theme to another as they walk from one room to another – they will take a look at themselves and at the others; they will check their remaining teeth sorely tested on the task of living among the living and the dead; they may like to relax in a truly physiological sense; and finally they could also rest barefooted on a bedstead in the twilight of their tour.

A talk with the title “What is so h-ardcore about being out of time?”, followed by a discussion, will be held at a date to be announced later.

The exhibition “H-ardcore” is supported by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts. It will occupy all four upper galleries at St. James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity, Valletta, and will be open to the public from 15 December 2012 until 13 January 2013.

 Source: www.sjcav.org

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