11 - 13 Oct 2013
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
St James Cavalier


Should a father be ready to defy fate and lose his happiness to save the life of his own son? Twenty years ago Marċell (Stefan Farrugia) wrote a novel called ‘Bwani’, a work of literature that ends tragically. Twenty years later his son Victor (Jacob Piccinino) unknowingly relives the same episodes of the novel, and unless Marċell challenges destiny, his son will suffer the same tragic consequences of the protagonist of his novel. But Marċell’s struggle is not simply against destiny, but also against the strange attraction, possibly sexual, that his son harbours for him.
‘Bwani’, Theatrencore’s next production, is one of Francis Ebejer’s most electrifying works and has been selected to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the death of Francis Ebejer. It will be staged in the theatre of St James Cavalier on the 11,12,13, October at 8pm. The cast also includes Mariella Aquilina, Sean Briffa u Nadine Genovese. Directed by Tyrone Grima , ‘Bwani’ promises to be a breathtaking and harrowing experience, that keeps you nailed to your seat’s edge from the word ‘go’.

Tickets may be obtained from St. James Cavalier, Tel No: 2122 3200 or online ticketengine.sjcav.org/Bwani

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