08 Jul 2016
9:00 am - 11:00 pm


Sean Buhagiar directs B’Tal-Linja Jaqbillek Żgur!, a fresh theatre experience scripted by Simon Bartolo that will tour and transform a number of open spaces around the Maltese Islands into performance areas.

The story revolves around a Maltese bus which will also be the cast’s touring vehicle. The audience will be invited to watch the live performance up close and personal, and everyone will experience it differently.

Audience members will be allowed to bring their own chairs, sit down on the zuntier, at the cafeteria close by, or just stand in front of the actors. Think of a congregation surrounding the purċissjoni ritual, the lovely tradition of teatrin, the conversations għana-style spiced up with a pinch of carnival, a dose of festa, and a spoonful of Maltese humour. All this will be put into a contemporary pot, stirred well and delivered to a space near you!

This project is co-funded by FOPSIM through the EU Collective Plays! project which is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Entrance is free and touring will be on the 8th July from 9am till 11pm around various locations. For more information, check out the Malta Arts Festival website.