31 May 2013
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Dolmen Resort Hotel

GIVE KIDS A CHANCE – Pasta night in aid of Dun Anton Grech’s mission in Guatemala

Few people would know who Dun Anton Grech is and his work in distant Guatemala. We only got to know about him recently and he has been an inspiration since. Young in age but rich in spirit he has been working relentlessly in the poorest areas of Guatemala for the past fifteen years.

Dun Anton’s  projects touch every aspect of their life, looking after not only their spiritual but also their very basic needs. The list of projects he has carried out in this time is extensive and truly impressive. They include amongst others building of homes and an entire village appropriately called Ghaxaq after its sponsors , construction of  schools , supplying basic commodities such as clothes and food, construction of two fish farms to provide food and a stable income for the community. The list could go on and they are a credit to this man’s relentless work , determination and generous character.

In a country that has gone through so much in the past decades, his presence and work has really made a difference to the lives of so many people especially in the marginalised rural areas. We hope that with your support, we can help Dun Anton in his future projects. It won’t eradicate poverty but will definitely give hope to kids in Guatemala.

Thanks for all your support
Graziella Buttigieg, Lara Gerada, Edward Sultana

For more information on the Dun Anton and his projects

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